Say what?

Yas Unicorn Rebellion clients, come through! We've worked with some pretty fierce businesses and we're grateful for the opportunity to team up with every one of them.


Scott Stratten

"We have two timelines here at UnMarketing Inc: Before Chris and After Chris. For a decade now, Chris has been the keeper of our brand, the guard of visuals and the champion of our design. From website to book covers, stickers, socks, posters, mugs, and all social, it doesn’t go out there if it’s not through him. His passion for design and community has also lead him to be one of the only guests we’ve ever brought on our show, let alone the only guest that has been on twice. Here’s to the next ten years!"

— Scott Stratten, UnMarketing

“Chris has this amazing ability to get to the essence of what you’re trying to communicate. He is able to listen to the right things and find the message in it. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and agencies over time but he’s on a level of his own, a level I haven’t seen before.”

— Grace Diffey, APR, FCPRS, Vice-President, Community Relations, Hamilton Community Foundation

Grace Diffey

Graham Crawford

“I simply cannot thank Chris and his team enough for the outstanding work they did for us at The Westdale Cinema Group. The fully integrated branding program they designed for The Westdale is superb, capturing the essence of our theatre and our dreams for it. They were a joy to work with, always responsive, always on time, always exceeding our expectations. We are so proud to use our brand every day to communicate with our community. Thank you all for your dedication, professionalism, and spirit.”

— Graham Crawford

“At Today’s Family, we have been fortunate to work with Chris Farias over the past 7 years. He has led the way with creating new ways of communicating with families in our midst and helped us think of who we are, and who we want to be as a community benefit organization. Not only has Chris helped us be leaders in early learning and child care by creating our app, he has inspired our staff to be leaders in the work that they do every day and ensure we are welcoming to all who enter our doors. We are richer for having Chris as a vital part of the community. His commitment to a welcoming and caring community is shaping the present (and the future) of our organization and our community as a whole.”

— Brenda Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, Today’s Family

Brenda Ferguson

Kim Murkovich

“I met Chris Farias in October 2008 and instantly felt comfortable with him. I adore his passion for life, the community and his creativity. When my business was ready for a brand refresh, I reached out to Chris and he hit it out of the ballpark. Following Chris from his previous position to his new venture, Unicorn Rebellion, was a no brainer. I trust Chris completely with what my business needs; he gets it the first time, every time. I look forward to watching Chris and his Unicorn Rebellion team grow and have no doubt of their continued success.”

— Kim Elizabeth Murkovich, Owner, Willow Salon

“If I had to summarize Chris Farias in two words, those would be CREATIVITY and COMPETENCE. His ability to capture the essence of complex ideas and concepts is remarkable. His designs are powerful, thoughtful and always a surprise. Unicorn Rebellion are indeed not ‘business as usual’….they are bold and not afraid to make a statement. And that’s exactly what I’m looking for in branding and design. ”

— Astrid Hepner, Hamilton Music Collective CEO/Founder, AIFEC Program Director

Astrid Hepner

Mark Chamberlain

“Its amazing when your event concept is represented in a drawing or set of drawings so incredibly well that it defines your concept better than what you imagined. This is what Chris did when he created our 'Music and Motion' brand. Clearly talent is a major element of a good design, but what makes it great is when the artist puts a part of themselves in it because they care. Chris cares.”

— Mark Chamberlain‎, Bike For Mike