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It all started with a cake -- a unicorn-studded “Gayke” to be exact. That cake, seen by millions, changed everything in me. And it sent me on a mission to find MY inner unicorn.

I took a long, hard look at my life and what I actually want to accomplish during this beautiful, short trip on the planet. I came to realize I need to be doing what I love to do, in the way I love to do it. Discovering a hidden, beautiful truth in a person or organization has always come easy for me. If you’ve worked with me in the past, you've probably witnessed this. Taking that truth and finding a way to share it with others (through design, social, digital, etc.) is my second favourite thing to do. It’s what I’ve been doing for 18 years, and I can’t stop now.

This truth is what I call a "unicorn."

When you imagine a unicorn, what do you think of? Probably a mythical horse-like creature with one majestic horn radiating from the centre of its forehead. Maybe it’s walking along a Celtic stream, with a prismatic backdrop. Well, that's not what I see. I see the unicorn in everyone. A brilliant truth waiting to be released.

So, along with my partner Jared, we have decided to open up our very own badass boutique unicorn agency. An agency for good. An agency for change. An agency unlike any other. One that not only understands a customer, but can dig deeper and find the magic they possess. One that is truly excited to understand the organization's community, and who wants to share their story with the world.

Jared and I share the same values: Integrity, honesty, community, and just being human. With two degrees from McMaster University, years of marketing experience at the Degroote School of Business, and experience teaching social media continuing education classes for several years, He is the perfect addition to this working relationship -- as I always say, he knows how the internet works, and I know how to “werk” the internet. Jared will be working part-time at our studio and still spending much of his time at McMaster.   

I, on the other hand, will be going full-force starting today. And I mean if-Cher-and-a-hurricane-had-a-baby full force -- helping people understand their organization's purpose, telling their story, achieving their goals, and connecting them to the heart of communities. It is, and will always be, the thing I’m most passionate about!  

As someone once told me, Frank Sinatra doesn't move pianos. So I'm sure you’re wondering how I'm going to stay creative and run the operations of a business. I'm not. I have a group of dedicated professionals on my team that I can’t wait to introduce you to. The best in the city, ready to keep me on track, and your project on time and on budget. One of those Rebel Unicorns is Steph Shuster - the perfect integrator to my visionary. Steph and I have worked together in the past and I can tell you her work ethic, dedication, and pure brilliance in everything she does is unparalleled. We are so excited to welcome her to our team! 

We are also in the process of developing a Unicorn Rebellion fund through the Hamilton Community Foundation. We love our community, and we want to continue to make it better. A portion of all our income will go towards building this fund that will help to transform the city we love. 

Jared and I are going to be taking some time -- creatively exploring places and communities around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and beyond, building our business, meeting with EVERYONE, enjoying life, and… getting married!!! So this summer we are only taking on a few clients.

That Gayke also made me realize something. The world has changed, and a movement is taking place. People are standing up for what they believe in. People are telling their truths - their stories. Those stories need to be heard. We're ready to take a stand for what we truly believe in and for the things that matter to us. And we want to help you do the same. 

It's time for a Unicorn Rebellion. Will you join us? 

Chris Farias
CEO, Creative Strategist, Rebel Unicorn




Our rebellion is unapologetically homophobic-free, racist-free, and sexist-free. We stand for women's rights, in any way they ask for them. We believe medical care is a given, not a privilege. We don't like Trump. Let's just say we're more Dharma than Greg. If any of this upsets you, we're not sure how you made it past the giant unicorn logo. But you did, so we ask that you find another agency to work with, and have a wonderful day!

If everything above sounds peachy-keen, awesome! The Unicorn Rebellion is in its early stages and currently we are only working with people who know exactly the kind of magic we can create together. If you think you fit that description, please send us a message and let us know about your project.  

Jared Lenover
CFO, Digital Strategist, Rebel Unicorn

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